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With correlation between SAT scores and 11+ exam performance being fuzzy, many smart Asian parents in the UK hire expert English language tutors from 11PLUSMATHS.COM to secure admissions into UK's selective schools. Our English language teachers help students improve their language, verbal, reading and comprehension skills which are essential for success in the 11+ exams, while our 11-plus math teachers build up their numeracy and critical thinking skills.


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The 11plus exam, for some 10 and 11 year old students in the United Kingdom, is administered in England in their final year of primary education and determines admission to grammar schools and other private secondary schools which use academic selection.

INDIAMATHS' expert 11plus tutors from India provide deep preparation coaching for academically deserving students in these sections of the test

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Description : 11plus courses offered by INDIAMATHS.COM for UK students in mathematics, non-verbal reasoning, English and verbal reasoning.

There is a considerable shortage of expert English language teachers in the UK for the 11 plus exam.

The English language paper in the 11 plus selective school exam can be daunting, but with the right preparation, students can excel. One key aspect of preparation is understanding the different styles of questions that might be asked on the exam. These can include comprehension questions, where students are asked to read a passage and answer questions about it, as well as grammar and punctuation questions, which test the student's knowledge of English language rules.

To prepare for the exam, students should practice reading a variety of texts, including fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. This will help them become more comfortable with reading comprehension questions and develop their ability to analyze and interpret texts.

It's also important for students to practice writing, both creatively and formally. This will help them become more confident with grammar and punctuation rules and develop their ability to express themselves clearly in written form.

In addition to practicing these skills, students should also familiarize themselves with the exam format and timing. This will help them manage their time effectively during the exam and avoid running out of time before completing all the questions.

Overall, with the right preparation and practice, students can approach the English language paper in the 11 plus selective school exam with confidence and achieve success.

The 11 plus English paper is a comprehensive exam that tests different aspects of English language skills. Here are some of the key topics that students may encounter on the 11 plus English paper:

Comprehension Test: This is a test of the student's ability to read and understand a given text. The student is usually given a passage or an article to read and then asked a series of questions based on the text. The aim of this test is to evaluate the student's reading comprehension, analytical and critical thinking skills.

Spelling/Punctuation/Grammar: These tests aim to evaluate the student's command of the English language. Students are tested on their ability to spell words correctly, use proper punctuation and demonstrate an understanding of grammar rules.

Vocabulary Testing: This is a test of the student's vocabulary. Words are presented and students are required to identify their meanings, synonyms or antonyms.

Literary Devices: This evaluates the student's understanding of literary devices such as metaphors, similes, personification, and imagery. Students are required to identify and explain these devices in a given text.

Literacy Reasoning: This is a test of the student's ability to reason and draw conclusions from a given text. Students are asked to analyze and interpret a text and answer questions that require them to make inferences and draw conclusions.

Creative Writing: This test requires the student to demonstrate their creative writing skills. Students are given a prompt and asked to write a story, essay or poem.

To prepare for the 11 plus English paper, students should practice reading widely, develop their vocabulary, and practice writing creatively. They should also focus on improving their grammar, punctuation, and spelling skills. Familiarizing themselves with the exam format and timing will also help them manage their time effectively during the exam and avoid running out of time before completing all the questions.

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